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When we think about shoes we think of two things; comfort and style. And we at RedAntz give you both and more.  RedAntz was started one year ago, after 5 long years of research, designing and hard work. 2 generations of shoemakers have worked hard and continue to do so to give your feet the luxury they deserve. More than 40 years of experience help us to provide you with best footwear technology that provides comfort to your soles while not only walking and running, but also during long hours of standing.  And our young designers encase your feet in styles that are the fashions of tomorrow. With so much variety that your head spins and so great comfort that your feet want to stay on the ground, we walk with you. Everyday. Everywhere.

No number of shoes are ever enough. Every occasion calls for a new pair. And we know we are right. Redantz presents you with variety like you’ve never seen before. From traditional mojdis to chic formals. From comfy sandals to evergreen loafers . From stylish slippers to run of the mil sneakers. We have it all. Multiple styles  in eye catching color combinations. Footwear for every occasion.  And for even when there is no occasion. Our design makes us unique and your feet beautiful. And an added bonus being we don’t bite.

A barefooted day is hard to imagine. The pain of the ill-placed thorn or the prickly stone. The yucky mud or the smoldering gravel. These  are all unwelcome. But more unwelcome than this is a shoe that bites. And we at RedAntz understand that. And that’s why every single piece of footwear designed and manufactured by us is done so precisely and so perfectly that it doesn’t bite. So no more band aids. No more sparing extra time to break in your shoe before a special occasion. No more being scared of long standing and working hours. RedAntz has got your back. And your feet.

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